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Mental Health Services in the Workplace

Mental health services in the workplace

HUMAN-SERVICE (HS) is a fast-growing service provider of outsourced community mental health counseling services. HS took up the challenge to provide a wide range of innovative services to corporations where on-site employee assistance is limited or not available. Our goal is to offer culturally sensitive value-based mental health support services for employees and various program developments to employers in English and Hungarian languages by mental health professionals, psychologists and HR specialists.

We offer programs such as:

- Onsite employee mental health counseling
- How to establish family-friendly workplaces
- CSR community building programs
- Online and on-site business and skills trainings
- Corporate psych-ed programs

We must realize that the corporate world does capitalize on skills, ideas, and manual assistance, so called qualities that only we - human beings - with various needs and wants can provide! For this reason companies spend great deals of resources on skill-enhancing business trainings, and internal adult education programs so to meet their primary goals.

Some companies have nowdays begun to focus on the secondary dimension of their own employees namely the 'human soul' which often out of sight due to the general view - "it is the responsibility of the individual to be fit to work mentally, emotionally."

However, with little care and support, individuals could vindicate and liberate great deals of energy, beyond the expectations of their managers, if they were assisted to reorient themselves in certain personal matters, to heal inner wounds, to cope with anxieties, to find meaning, to see where they are headed in life, or perhaps realize why they may have the same personal issues over and over that they just cannot seem to get rid of.

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